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She also discusses how to serge and troubleshoot a cover stitch and chain stitch, then presents options for combining overlock and coverlock stitches. Nancy details how to set up, thread, and adjust a serger, then demonstrates stitching seams, turning corners, "reverse stitching," and troubleshooting. Nancy creates interesting variations on her fabric bowls with changes in shaping and fabrication. Nancy uses two fabrics and a streamlined pattern to sew reversible jackets that have style and flair.

Guest Eileen Roche helps Nancy add embroidery to a silk shawl, an organza scarf, a sweater, and a suede vest. They give positioning tips and show how to use software to modify designs and reduce stitch density. Nancy and guest Eileen Roche use embroidery to enhance a shirt and basic black pants. They explain how to select, combine, and modify designs; choose thread colors; hoop and embroider the designs; and use simple construction changes to create a new look.

Guest Eileen Roche transforms a simple yet elegant silk jacket by adding embroidery and detachable fringe. She shares machine setup tips and shows how to use sizing, editing, and autodigitizing software. Serged pintucks, diamond tucks, serger twists, flatlocking, and a serged cover stitch add decorative accents to a heart garland.

Nancy also makes a tailored version of an heirloom baby bonnet and shirt featuring cover stitching. Nancy demonstrates easy gathering techniques using both a serger and a sewing machine, then shows how to make ruffles with serged rolled edges or lettuce edges. She also makes receiving blankets with serged wavy edges or stitched and scalloped edges.

Nancy creates gowns and tops for babies using a sewing machine and a serger in tandem. After setting up the serger, she outlines a sequence for serging and sewing, then adds serged facings and cover-stitch topstitching as decorative accents. Working with a gridded pattern created from a photograph, Nancy and guest Tammie Bowser show how to place strips, squares, and triangular fabric sections to create a mosaic that mimics the photo. Nancy details finishing the quilt with free-motion stippling or echo stitching.

Nancy and guest Tammie Bowser transform a photograph into an heirloom quilt, demonstrating how to convert a photo into a computer file; use computer software to transform that file into a tiled, full-size gridded quilt pattern; and cut and organize the fabrics.

Potholder Patterns

Guest Tammie Bowser helps demonstrate how to simulate a photograph in a mosaic quilt by using 24 light, medium, and dark fabrics and a gridded system. Speed-finishing blanket edges and making reversible fleece garments, Nancy Cornwell's quick double or "bunny ear" fringe, and adding decorative snaps as closures. Guest Nancy Cornwell helps Nancy take sewing high-loft fleece to a new level by adding dimensional accents.

They stitch and cut two-layer chenille fleece; make polar ribbing; and create a chenille vest, eliminating side seams and finishing cut edges with fat piping. Nancy shows how to reproduce the dramatic two-color Orange Peel quilt design without piecing a single curved seam, then makes a modified version using an envelope technique.

Quilt historian Carol Butzke details the history of the square-within-a-square and sawtooth quilt patterns, and Nancy demonstrates updated, simplified methods for constructing similar designs.

How to crochet potholder

Duplicating the look of antique quilts with vintage fabrics and high-tech tools. Quilt historian Carol Butzke details the history of patch and Irish chain quilts, and Nancy shows contemporary methods for making projects with similar designs. Elaine Waldschmitt blends brilliant colors and fun geometric shapes in a "tropical twilight" jacket. She and Nancy piece fabric strips, then cut them into quarter triangles to create the jacket's three unique quilt blocks.

Pattern designer Elaine Waldschmitt pieces the patchwork for a quilted Santa Fe jacket that's as much fun to wear as it is to create. Certified trainer Mary Deeb explores the ergonomics of sewing and quilting and shows techniques that promote good health, from proper positioning and breathing to stretching and resistance exercises. Betty Cotton combines one-way and highway seams in a reversible pine tree quilt. Fat quarters of fabric create a plaid-like effect.

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Nancy and pattern designer Betty Cotton use dimensional seam allowances, finished on the outside, to stitch a reversible "camp wilderness" quilt. Designer Betty Cotton joins Nancy to make a reversible quilt showcasing her "gentle pines" pattern.

Newly Added Crochet Patterns

They select and cut fabrics; stack, channel-stitch, and join the strips; and finish seams. Nancy uses fabric bias strips to make chenille trim to transform a blank shirt into a fashionable wardrobe component. She also adds bar-tacked flowers and optimized stitches to ready-mades and enhances a tote with stenciling and stitching. Nancy adds unique accents to ready-made baby blankets, hats, and scarves with an embellisher machine and machine-stitched fleece yarns. They create variations suited for the Fourth of July and Christmas.

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While making serged projects for a variety of holidays, Nancy and designer Kate Bashynski discuss thread and fabric selection; use serged flatlock, overlock, and wave stitches; and offer an option featuring conventional sewing machine seaming. They also present a pillow wrap showcasing another variation of the design. Natalie Sewell personalizes quilts for children by using photo transfer techniques to design quilt characters that resemble the kids, then depicting the characters in individualized scenes featuring favorite seasonal activities.

Using only two or three fabrics, Nancy and guest Natalie Sewell make a "panda bear picnic" quilt, a winter horse scene, and a "horses in the pasture" quilt. Nancy and guest Natalie Sewell adapt quilting techniques to create a fantasy-filled landscape for kids. They select fabrics, cut design components, and assemble and personalize a scene showcasing zoo animals. Nancy combines strips of various widths to make quilt strata, then uses sections of those strata to make scrap-happy nine-patch, uneven nine-patch, four-patch, uneven rail fence, and odds-and-ends block variations.

She adds sashing strips and borders to make a distinctive quilt. Nancy supplements remnants with purchased fat quarters to make a colorful scrap quilt. She adds right triangle corners, then enhances the quilt with machine embroidery and uses remaining scraps to make a coordinating pillow. Nancy rescues fabrics from her stash to make a Treasure Chest Scrap Quilt, combining folded rectangles, prairie points, trapezoids, folded right triangles, triangle variations, uneven rectangles, and bridging strips. Nancy explains how to select the correct pattern size for knit pants and then custom-fit them using four basic measurements: hips, waist, length, and crotch length.

She finishes off with hemming options. Nancy demonstrates pattern layout, cutting, and interfacing, then offers seaming options, facing applications, and sleeve-insertion techniques for both shirt- and cap-style sleeves. She also offers tips for adding elastic casings. Showing how quick and easy working with knits can be, Nancy explains the characteristics of various knit fabrics and when to use each.

She determines pattern size using a front width measurement, then alters the bust, hip, and sleeves using pivot and slide techniques. Nancy adds detachable collars to the jacket, experimenting with velveteen and faux fur, and discusses edge finishes that add interest to outer facings. Then she adapts the pattern to make a vest, positioning a simple embroidered design on the front.

Pinwheel Crochet Pattern

By changing a few seams and combining fabrics, Nancy gives a basic jacket style and vitality. She color-splices the jacket, adds decorative stitching to some sections, creates a tunnel collar, and binds the edges. Another variation showcases synthetic suede with creative punching. Nancy constructs a basic jacket using streamlined techniques, including an exposed separating zipper, a simple collar and facings, and "shirt-style" sleeves.

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Then she sews a variation, bringing facings to the outside and adding a decorative serged edge. Nancy demonstrates how to transfer photos, children's artwork, botanicals, and mementos to fabric, then uses that fabric to make wall hangings, pillowcases, table runners, and a stand-up quilt.

Nancy and guest Barbara Randle share four projects using crazy-quilted panels: a pillow, a neck-roll pillow, a small handbag, and a "night bloomer" evening bag. Author Barbara Randle joins Nancy in explaining how to choose fabrics and color combinations for crazy quilting.

They show how to use the flip-and-sew technique to do traditional, chevron, and on-the-slant crazy quilting and detail "create-a-strip" prairie points. After explaining the basics of serging a cover stitch, Nancy outlines how to use it to simultaneously hem and topstitch. She also shows how to use a decorative chain stitch on a scarf and how to use both cover and chain stitches to simulate shadow work on see-through fabric.

Serging a conventional rolled edge; serging over fishing line or wire to make a supported rolled edge; and the how-to's of flatlocking, including ladder and loop stitches and flatlocking a blind hem.

Princess of Patterns

Nancy shows how to make banded and chevroned Seminole patchwork, then applies the results to hand-crafted cosmetic bags, trays, and towels. Nancy illustrates how to combine simple designs, synthetic suede, and leather punch tools to make a picture frame and suede pillows with filigree-type designs. She hand-embroiders similar designs on a felt picture frame, then showcases machine embroidery on a "peaceful snowfall" serving tray.

Nancy creates comfy throws using three seaming options: "kissed" sewing machine seams, serged flat-locked seams, and serged overlock seams. Then she shows how to personalize a coordinating pillow with embroidery and uses the same quilt design to make baby and frayed-edge quilts. Nancy demonstrates techniques for paper piecing, using flannel fabrics and a star motif to create a decorative four-segment block. Raw fabric edges don't always have to be finished to prevent raveling.

Nancy takes advantage of flannel's natural tendency to ravel while making a reversible lap-size quilt with a patriotic theme. Landscape quilting expert Natalie Sewell shows how to combine embroidered motifs to make or enhance a landscape scene. Fabric weight need not be a limiting factor with machine embroidery. While demonstrating on fabrics such as tulle, organdy, and sweatshirt fleece, Nancy details how to make embroidered lace and how to combine, mirror, and rotate design elements.

Machine embroidery specialist Eileen Roche joins Nancy to show how to duplicate the look of intricate patchwork by machine. After Nancy reviews the basic setup, Eileen shows how she prepared and incorporated embroidered quilt designs into several totes, a decorative storage box, and a sweatshirt.

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To celebrate her 20th anniversary on the air, Nancy presents time- and energy-saving tips that she has learned from her viewers. Topics include simplifying basic sewing techniques, organizing the sewing room, using and adapting notions, adding attractive embellishments, and achieving professional results when quilting. Nancy demonstrates an easy technique for assembling the top and adding patchwork front button insets, while Diane details how to combine fabrics and enhance them with stencil painting.

Nancy and pattern designer Diane Ericson show that working from a pattern can be a creative experience, rather than just a process to follow. While making the Peony Top, a garment with design lines that include curves and shapes that unfold and layer, they redesign the collar, incorporate "stitch-and-flip" accents, and combine a variety of fabrics. Design, color, and fabric combine to create a fashionable jacket as Nancy explains how to sew the Java Jacket designed by Diane Ericson, including a unique "turn-as-you-go" lining technique.

Ericson shows how to use the lining as part of the design with a "fudged facing" and illustrates making a detachable designer pocket. Nancy and guest Dianne Giancola create delightful jumpers for little girls and their dolls. Nancy and guest Dianne Giancola adapt patterns for girls' garments and make similar garments for dolls.