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The lyrics are by the composer himself, though they are influenced by Des Knaben Wunderhorn , a collection of German folk poetry that was one of Mahler's favorite books, and the first song is actually based on the Wunderhorn poem " Wann [sic] mein Schatz ". There are strong connections between this work and Mahler's First Symphony , with the main theme of the second song being the main theme of the 1st Movement and the final verse of the 4th song reappearing in the 3rd Movement as a contemplative interruption of the funeral march.

The first movement is entitled "Wenn mein Schatz Hochzeit macht" "When My Sweetheart is Married" , [5] and the text discusses the Wayfarer's grief at losing his love to another. He remarks on the beauty of the surrounding world, but how that cannot keep him from having sad dreams. The orchestral texture is bittersweet, using double reed instruments, clarinets and strings. It begins in D minor and ends in G minor. Verdorre nicht! Singet nicht! Lenz ist ja vorbei! Alles Singen ist nun aus!

Des Abends, wenn ich schlafen geh', Denk' ich an mein Leide! An mein Leide! Indeed, it is a song of joy and wonder at the beauty of nature in simple actions like birdsong and dew on the grass. However, the Wayfarer is reminded at the end that despite this beauty, his happiness will not blossom anymore now that his love is gone.

This movement is orchestrated delicately, making use of high strings and flutes, as well as a fair amount of triangle.

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The melody of this movement, as well as much of the orchestration, was later reused by Mahler and developed into the 'A' theme of the first movement of his First Symphony. It begins in D major and ends in F-sharp major. Guten Morgen! Ei gelt?

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Kling, kling! Ei du, gelt? The third movement is a full display of despair.

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He obsesses to the point where everything in the environment reminds him of some aspect of his love, and he wishes he actually had the knife. This isn't just a bright-looking i. Consult e. The music is intense and driving, fitting to the agonized nature of the Wayfarer's obsession. It begins in D minor and ends in E-flat minor.

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