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More recently, corn yields are trending higher in November, with the average for the month up to Yields on soybeans, which are mostly harvested, are steady. Stock markets traded mostly lower in Asia and Europe today on worries about violence in Hong Kong and second thoughts about progress reported in U.

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The dollar is weaker but other safe havens are in play, including gold and Treasuries. But big speculators sold into the USDA reports, adding 57, net short positions back to their bearish bets against crops and livestock. December futures fought to hold to an inside day overnight, continuing to test support at the bottom of the downtrend from October.

USDA cut its estimate of the crop less than expected on Friday, trimming production by only million bushels. And projected ending stocks fell just 10 million, as weaker demand for feed usage, ethanol and exports offset the lost bushels. USDA did have a little good news before the reports came out Friday, announcing the sale of another 8. Still, corn basis mainly firmed last week as strength in the export pipeline leeched into other areas.

Index traders were buying last week, according to the CFTC report. Open interest rose 11, despite active fund short covering. Those big speculators were selling into the USDA report, adding another 22, contracts to bearish bets. Implied volatility in at-the-money December options dropped 2.

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Overseas markets are also weaker today. January futures in China dropped 1. But strong basis in many areas is a marketing opportunity, because buyers are scrambling.

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For more, see my Corn Outlook. For specific recommendations and daily charts, subscribe to our free E-newsletter, Farm Futures Daily.

The government made no change to its estimate of production and cut its forecast of crush to raise projected ending stocks 15 million. USDA Friday reported the sale of 9. But lack of new big buying news from China kept traders on their back feet. This warm-up can be a quick, easy five minutes to get your blood flowing and to loosen up your joints. If you have a high bed such as Eric's, making the bed in the morning can be a great option for warming up.

However, if your bed is lower, the bending and twisting may cause injury to your low back.

Police officer helps move a year-old stranger into his new home - CBS News

So a great option can be walking around the room and performing some lower body movements and some upper body movements to get your blood flowing and your body ready to perform your stretches. This first exercise is to help increase mobility of your upper back, your ribs, and your shoulders. You'll start lying on your side with your knees bent up toward your chest and your head comfortably rested on a pillow. Your arms are going to be stacked on top of each other at shoulder height.

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You'll first begin by taking a nice big deep breath in and reaching forward with your thumb pointed down towards the ground. If possible, rotate even more, trying to get the palm facing the ceiling. You'll then exhale and reach up towards the ceiling, unwinding your spine and reaching as far open towards the other side as possible.

As you rotate open, make sure your knees stay together as close as possible. Take a big deep breath in. As you exhale, you will turn back to your starting position, unwinding the spine in the opposite direction, reaching with the thumb pointed down towards the floor. You'll want to perform this stretch about five times on one side and then repeat again on the opposite side. This next exercise is to help increase mobility of your low back. You'll begin by lying on your back with your knees bent and your shoulders on the ground with your arms out to the side about shoulder height. You'll take your right leg and cross it over your left, then slowly drop the knees over to the left as far as comfortably possible.

As you do this, make sure the shoulder stays down on the ground.

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  • As you exhale, you'll come back to your starting position. Unhook the leg, and then you'll repeat on the opposite side. Hold the stretch about 5 to 10 seconds and you will repeat this about five times on each side. In the past, Ardern had made no secret of the fact she did not think the port should expand any further into Auckland's harbour. In the New Zealand First and Labour coalition agreement, the Government agreed to: "Commission a feasibility study on the options for moving the Ports of Auckland, including giving Northport serious consideration".

    Finance Minister Grant Robertson said he still has questions he would like to see answered before the Government could consider moving the port. But Robertson said there needs to be a full analysis of that before any commitments are made.

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    Asked if he was pleased with the report's recommendation, Peters said: "Well I don't just think that, the reality is that the people of Auckland don't think that". Jones said he had had some negative feedback on moving the port from the people who import cars that if the port is moved, their business may be hit.

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    But National Leader Simon Bridges is doubtful anything will come from the report. He said there were still a number of important questions which need to be answered, including how much will it cost, where it might move to and who would own it. New Zealand Herald. Subscribe to Premium.

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