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Now, you may be wondering; asking yourself what exactly is the point! Have you ever notice that when you buy an item at your local grocer, say for. The grocer will actually look at you as ifsomething is wrong. In my own personal experience, some grocers have even copped an attitude when I ask for my penny back.

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That is, if they want to hold on to your precious penny, perhaps you need to hold on to it yourself. Imagine, everyday, day in and day out across the village of Harlem and all the other Harlems across the United States, we leave that precious penny behind.

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So the following example given makes it crystal clear the power of your penny. The one thing this country understands is the power of the almighty dollar.

Double a Penny Everyday for 30 Days - Learn The Power of Compound Interest

But it starts with your penny first. It might have been a new toy or my favorite candy… but I valued that penny.

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  5. If you were lucky you might have had access to a penny gumball machine. My husband is one of those people who notices change on the ground and will pick it up.

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    My youngest will check the vending machines change area as we leave the grocery store to see if anyone has left money behind. But for the majority of people will just walk past that penny on the ground… me included!

    Definitely will make me think twice before I walk past that lonely penny again. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of JCPenney.

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